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Become a mental health ambassador and support Turtle.Social!

By supporting this project, you empower people to open up about their mental health challenges anonymously. You make it possible for everyone to find someone to talk to. You're making sure no one is alone with their problems.

We all need to talk to someone every once in a while. Most of the time, we turn to friends and family. But what if they don't know what you're talking about? What if they jump to conclusions even before you finish talking? What if you simply want to vent and be recognized, but they start giving you advice?

That's when Turtle.Social comes in. We've created a platform where people can connect with others who share the same experiences in a safe and anonymous way. Thanks to Turtle.Social it's now possible to get support whenever you need to. It's easy to speak up and know you're not alone in this.

By backing up this project, you'll join the team of volunteers who have been creating the platform from its very beginning. You'll join the others who have raised their voices to say that mental health matters, and talking about it is essential for everyone.

By supporting Turtle.Social you show that you believe in this project and you're willing to go alongside us to see it grow and make an impact.

As a token of appreciation for being a part of our journey, you can choose to receive one of the following thank you gifts:

  • a mental health detox checklist (to cleanse yourself of toxic thoughts and feelings);
  • a 30-day challenge on how to support your mental health;
  • our original Turtle Bag (see picture
If you have any questions or want to reach out to us - feel free to do so at

------------------- Message when the donation is received -----------------

Thank you for your donation! Please consider, if you haven't done so yet, registering yourself as a Turtle-user. This way you can give or get mental health support from those who are going through similar challenges.

To receive one of the thank you gifts, please send an email to and let us know which one you'd like to receive.

  • a mental health detox checklist;
  • a 30-day challenge on how to support your mental health;
  • our original Turtle Bag (see picture)

Note: If you'd like to receive the original Turtle Bag, please include your address in the email.