About Me
Who I am

I'm Inna! Born in Ukraine, and currently living in the Netherlands. Copywriter. Translator. Instagram addict. Wannabe-writer. Traveller. Eater. Reader. I'm a little too obsessed with series, board games, healthy food, and gardening.

Why I do this

I need a website to seem more professional, so here I am :)

I'm going to add examples of the work I've done so far and maybe share some insights on Instagram marketing, copywriting, and occasional personal development tips I'm sharing on my Instagram blog @inna_creativecopywriter.

What I can do for you

I'm an entrepreneur, just like you. So I understand all the zillions of things that go into running a business, that have nothing to do with the services you offer. I'm betting, that piece of your business feels easy, and it's where you want to spend your time. Rather than worrying and thinking about your content.

My goal is to make your life easier by giving you back time that you can use to focus on what you love.
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